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μMETOS 300-USW – Weather Station provides needed information to optimize your potato farming, with possibility for further expansion. Low cost, low power consumption, long range connectivity.

Data is consistently measured in 15-minute intervals and sent every 60 minutes to the server – and this can be changed to fit the specific monitoring needs. For mitigating mobile network connectivity issues, the station stores data of the last few days internally and resends the measured values to the cloud when the mobile network is back online.

All the data is synchronized and stored on the FieldClimate platform, integrated with all additional services including the DSS-platform.

It supports an external antenna option and it has a built- in GPS sensor.

Measured parameters

Key benefits

  • Multiple sensors connected to the same base unit
  • Long range mobile connectivity
  • Low power consumption
  • Long Term Product with guaranteed updates
  • Same hardware supporting CatM1 or NB1 connectivity with optional 2G fallback
  • Remotely configurable
  • Linked with DSS-platform

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