So many needs.

New platform creation

Our OCW start-up team in Finland has developed a prototype of new digital charity system. We all know there is a huge need for help in Africa (and other regions of the World), but current channels for helping are too ineffective – people don’t have visibility to the impact of their donation and only 30-60% of the worth of the donation reaches its intended destination.

Our charity system is named ‘Our Common World (OCW)’. We put donors into direct contact with the recipients (if they wish so), full transparency to tracking and seeing the impact of their donation and we guarantee that 100% of the donation reaches its destination – there is zero overhead. And we have packaged that into an interactive and engaging user interface that encourages people to find donation targets that matter to them.

We have a small but highly experienced team in Finland working on the platform. We just completed the first prototype (Minimum Viable Product) and right now we are trying out how the prototype works on donating tangible products (like schoolbooks or seed potatoes) to African schools and small holder farmers. We are testing how the logistics work with our local partners in Africa. 

OCW is looking for a seed funding for the development of the first volume scale release of the platform.

If any interest for a further dialog about some partnering, please let us know.

Thank you

Antti Hintikka
+358 50 3633 299

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