U2 Online helps your organization
make your food chain more sustainable
with the help of data management



U2 Online Oy helps your organization develop your food chain to be more sustainable, of higher quality and environmentally friendly with the latest digital technology and provides your customers and decision makers with information that is more reliable.

Better data management of the critical points in your raw material chain helps your company to produce better quality, cleaner and healthier food with lower primary production inputs and limits the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

End customers will prefer to buy your products and are often willing to pay more for them when your process is seen as safer, and of better quality as the production methods of the entire value chain become transparent.

U2 Online utilizes a network of the best proven digital service providers in the industry assembled over the past ten years in Finland, Holland, UK and Israel. Its IT expertise covers technical expertise in data platforms, IOT, as well as remote-sensing technology and image processing.

U2 Online Oy provides expert and project management services related the digitalization of the agricultural and food value chain to small and medium-sized Finnish and Scandinavian enterprises.

A typical target company has decided in its strategy to develop its services and its production chain in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and productive direction, utilizing the latest information/data management technology. The target company itself may not have enough specialized staff or resources to do this.